What Teens & Twenties is all about


   Nov. 2, 2015 is the orientation party for new writers, artists and photographers interested in joining Teens & Twenties, an all-volunteer group. If you didn’t RSVP in time for today’s event, don’t worry, you can still join the group by emailing volunteer adviser Charity Apple at capple@thetimesnews.com or calling her at (336) 506-3057 to find out more about it.
A few Teens & Twenties writers recently shared how they feel about the group:
Being in Teens & Twenties is a constant reminder of where I found my love of writing and journalism. — Alexis Dickerson, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
It gives you a chance to express yourself while improving your writing skills. — Emily Fogleman, a senior at Southern Alamance High School
What I enjoy most about Teens & Twenties is the worldliness of the group: writing for the newspaper has broadened my view of our community. I’ve also made some amazing friends over the past year. I’m so thankful for this opportunity. — Logan A. White, a home-schooled sophomore
I enjoy Teens & Twenties because it lets me express myself across a wider audience than would otherwise be possible. — Joshua Fitzgerald, a freshman at Greensboro College
What I’ve enjoyed most about being a part of Teens and Twenties is the opportunity I’ve had to interview people both locally and out of state. Writing is something I’m passionate about, and being able to exercise those skills has been a blessing. — Rachel Teseneer, a senior home-schooler
Being a part of Teens & Twenties gave me a confidence in a different style of writing. It has allowed me to continue writing into college and even aided in my AP English classes back in high school. — Kaitlin Gillespie, sophomore at Western Carolina University
I’ve enjoyed Teens & Twenties because it’s allowed me to gain an incredible insight into the world of journalism and the group itself generates such an open, welcoming environment.” — Meghna Mahadevan, sophomore at Western Alamance High School
Teens & Twenties has given me opportunities to develop and display my writing and artistic abilities. I have loved every moment and Charity Apple has been a great encourager and leader. — Abby Redding, freshman at Alamance Community College
Being in Teens & Twenties is a constant learning experience. For a future journalist, this group is where you learn the skills that you will use for your entire career. For anyone and everyone, this group is where you learn the skills that you will use for your entire life. — Allison Tate, sophomore at Alamance Community College
Teens & Twenties has provided me with the amazing experience of being a part of a team that works to better each other’s writing so that we can produce articles we can be proud of, while growing as journalists. — Delaney Rhodes, senior at Williams High School
I enjoy writing for Teens & Twenties because it is a unique experience and it gives you a real life journalism opportunity. — Catherine Wiggins, freshman at Williams High School

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