What’s all the fuss about graduation projects?

Christian Hornaday / Times-News correspondent

For many seniors, the last year in high school can mean many things. This is the time for college applications, planning for graduation, senior week, and of course, the dreaded graduation project.
While a select group of students have accomplished much if not all of the requirements in this assignment, the majority of seniors have barely given a second thought to this graduation requirement.
For the current senior class, many rumors have surface throughout the years as underclassmen that the graduation project would be done away with before it became necessary to start working on it. Up until last year, this was a tiny ray of hope for all. Then the Capstone project surfaced, crushing the hopes of seniors across Alamance County. This project was not going anywhere anytime soon.
As seniors begin to come to terms with the importance of their graduation project, a few things need to be taken in to account. First, some type of community service project needs to be chosen, one that can fill at least the appropriate number of hours. Second, a research paper of some sort must be typed. For the students who had begun the previous graduation project requirements, this should be easy because this paper has already been finished and revised multiple times. Along with four examples of work done in high school, each complete with a reflection, the portfolio and presentation are still in place.
The graduation project, to some scientists somewhere, this project is somehow preparing seniors for college or serving the purpose of proving to the world that teenagers do learn something during their years in high school. To seniors, this project serves as nothing more than something else to stress about while trying to graduate high school. Either way, this project is here and it does not seem to be going anywhere.

 Christian Hornaday is a senior at Southern Alamance High School and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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