‘Wheelhouse’ most organic of Paisley’s career

“Wheelhouse,” by Brad Paisley. Copyright 2013, Sony Nashville/Arista. $13.99. 

Reviewed by Matt Herter
Times-News correspondent

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   In 2011, three-time Grammy winning country artist Brad Paisley released “This is Country Music,” an album that truly reflected country sounds. However, Paisley did the exact opposite with his newest album titled “Wheelhouse.”
With his two singles “Southern Comfort Zone” and “Beat This Summer,” Paisley explores various types of music while trying to stay close to his country roots. Created in a studio he had built on his 100-year-old farmhouse near Nashville, Paisley stated that he was tired of over-produced music and that “Wheelhouse” would be “the most organic of his career.”
It was very important to Paisley that this music not sound perfect, so it would reflect a more natural sound. In several interviews before the album was released Paisley suggested that it might not be for everyone, but he hopes “it (would be) for you.”
A few songs on the album contain short segments of rap, including the song “Accidental Racist” with LL Cool J, which has already caused some discussions among his fans on social websites. Many people are concerned with the message that the artists send in the song.
In “Pressing on a Bruise” sang with Mat Kearney, Paisley sings as a single man reminiscing about an ex-girlfriend that he cannot get out of his head. In the third track “Outstanding In Our Field” with Hunter Hayes, Dierks Bentley, and a snippet of the late Roger Miller’s song “Dang Me,” is a track about partying in the country and sounds as something Big & Rich would release. “Those Crazy Christians” a song written from a non-believer watching Christian, thinking that they are crazy, and a song Paisley said was one of his most important songs of his career.
The album can be purchased in several ways. The standard album includes 17 songs, whereas the deluxe contains 21 tracks.  Cracker Barrel, who has teamed up with Paisley and is sponsoring his upcoming tour, is promoting a special edition deluxe album, which has the 17 standard songs and three additional songs, which are not the same extra songs that are found on his deluxe album.
Whether you are a die-hard country fan or not, Paisley’s album is a must have for music loving people that enjoy exploring different genres of music.

 Matt Herter is a home-schooled sophomore and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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