When should you listen to holiday music?

By Hollyann Gardner
Times-News correspondent

   When is the “right” time to listen to Christmas music?
Four area teens share their opinions.
“I love the ambience of Christmas music and there are so many positive thoughts about Christmas music — a break from school, driving downtown looking at Christmas lights with Christmas music on, and the countdown to Christmas Eve,” said Austin Rowland, 19.
Abby Martin, 17, echoes this by saying “it just really helps me get in the spirit and it gets me excited for the upcoming season.”
“I think it’s unfair to Thanksgiving to listen too early because it’s a holiday about family and thankfulness and it deserves its own time,” said Mae Gardner, 14.
Others, like Luc Stadler, 18, begin earlier — after Halloween.
“Sporadically throughout the year I’ll listen to a Christmas song or two, but I typically start listening to Christmas music in full force around the beginning of November,” Stadler said.

Hollyann Gardner is a high school junior at Alamance Community College and a Teens & 20s writer.


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