Williams Homecoming Show promises music and more

Commentary by Hannah Thigpen
Special to the Times-News

The cast of Williams High School's "George Draws A Blank," the school's annual homecoming show, pose for a recent photo. Jon Upchurch / Special to the Times-News

Williams High School’s auditorium and chorus room are buzzing with excitement this time of year. George Bulldog and his friends are back to “win the big game” this fall with more talent and enthusiasm than ever. “George Draws a Blank” is being performed by the choral department under the direction of Laura Sam and Lucas Cecil at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012, in the Williams High School auditorium, 1307 S. Church St., Burlington.
   The show was written and directed by senior Madeline Perrou and centers on George Bulldog, the star quarterback for Williams, getting a strange case of amnesia. George is being played by Josh Williams, a multi-talented senior who is “kind of a star” at our school.
   The Williams players have a lot of practicing to do before “the big game.” The Bulldogs’ plans soon go awry with the appearance of Dr. McMichael and his Phoenix friends.
   The Phoenix kids are named after the team the real Williams Bulldogs will be playing in its Homecoming game. Dr. McMichael, an evil scientist, is being portrayed by sophomore Evan Mertz.
   The endearingly evil group of McMichael Phoenix who has it in for the Bulldogs also consists of Georgia, the jealous cheerleader who once had a brief fling with George, portrayed by senior Stephanie Touloupas; Stacy and Macy, Dr. McMichaels minions and admirers, played by junior Elise Weatherly and senior Maddie Braxton; Brittany S. Pierce from the Fox hit “Glee,” portrayed by senior Addie Walker; the adorable, intellectually advanced 5-year-old Sally, played by senior Sadie Scott; accident-prone Millie, authentically portrayed by junior Rachel Daughtry; and the ever cynical, sarcastic and hilariously contemptuous Scarlett, played by Madeline Perrou.
   In order to make George love Georgia again and ensure a Phoenix victory, Dr. McMichael and Georgia, along with a little help from Scarlett, contrive a plan to make George lose all memory of his friends and his girlfriend, Georgette.  
   The loving and faithful Georgette is being played by senior Marley Dove. Georgette leads the Bulldogs in search of George and the potion that will make him remember their “puppy days.”
   The group of Bulldogs helping Georgette save George include a hippie named Julian, portrayed by sophomore Jack Wolverton; Trice the narcoleptic, played by junior Trae Madden; Raven, the psychic from the Disney Channel show “That’s So Raven,” portrayed by junior Lauren Williams, and Melody the musical theater freak, portrayed by me.
   Along with writing the show this summer, directing rehearsals and playing an important role in the show, Perrou also had the responsibility of picking out the music, one of the most integral and enjoyable parts of the show. This year’s music is “popping,” ranging from Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” to Michael Buble’s beautiful “Everything” and a fierce mash-up of Adele’s “Rumor Has It”and “Someone Like You.”
   Perrou said that her favorite aspect of the whole experience was seeing “(my) baby coming into action.”
   The audience will find that with the hilarious script, killer music and unparalleled talent among the cast, the 2012 Williams Homecoming Show is not something you will want to miss. Mark your calendars; don’t be like George. Don’t forget to come see all the fun. Tickets are $5 at the door.

 Hannah Thigpen is a junior at Williams High School.


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