Woods of Terror is immersed in horror

By Jaclyn Bartlett
Times-News correspondent


Erika Jones is one of the performers in the Woods of Terror. [Chris Bartlett / Special to the Times-News

   GREENSBORO — The Woods of Terror is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking  to embrace the Halloween spirit.
Upon entering the attraction after purchasing a ticket, rather than standing in a long  line to walk through the haunted trail, visitors are instead assigned a group name and are free to roam about the waiting area until their group name is called. The waiting area, known as the “Monster Midway,” is an attraction of its own with food, music and games. This is also where, at 7 p.m., the nightly Monster Parade takes place. Monsters of all kinds, led by the Woods of Terror creator Eddie Mclaurin, join the guests in the midway where some monsters spend the rest of the night frightening guests who have yet to go through the trail.
The trail itself takes about an hour to walk through and contains 12 differently themed sections. Some of these include Chaos 3-D, where the glowing neon artwork on the walls create a 3-D effect. Miner’s Massacre, a mine-themed section utilizing realistic sets and background sounds to create the illusion of being inside a haunted mine, and Blackbeard’s Revenge, which has a pirate theme and even includes a ship that rocks back and forth as if it is truly floating over a body of water.
One thing all 12 sections have in common is the evident hard work that was put into creating them. Each consist of detailed props and sets, keeping guests completely immersed in the horror. That, and of course the enthusiastic actors who inhabit every section, scaring visitors night after night, never breaking character.
The Woods of Terror is an incredible attraction to experience, full of heart-stopping scares by the performers as well as awe-inspiring sights. This is an ideal place to visit if you want to experience Halloween to its fullest extent or just have a fun time with friends.

Jaclyn Bartlett is a senior at The Hawbridge School and a Teens & 20s writer.

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