You guessed it: ‘There’s an app for that’

Commentary by Allison Tate
Times-News correspondent

   “There’s an app for that.”
In this day and age, anyone with a smart phone will tell you that there is no truer statement than this. Apps have become popular among children, teenagers and adults alike. Whether you’re looking for exercise routines, breaking news stories, or absolutely anything in between, there is always “an app for that.”
Buzzfeed has made its claim to fame as the well-rounded information site. The app includes the up-to-date stories that don’t always make the news. It isn’t all news stories, though. Funny posts, style tips, easy recipes and entertaining quizzes break up all the seriousness and makes Buzzfeed one of the greatest apps around.

   As far as social media goes; Instagram and Vine are the fastest growing apps. Instagram has been around for quite a while, but some are still discovering it. This application allows users to share their lives through photos and videos. Vine is similar to Instagram except for the fact that Vine is based solely off videos. These videos, which are six seconds in length, can be about anything. Several comedians have found their “big break” on Vine.
Spotify, the up-and-coming app for music lovers, allows users to create their own playlist. Unlike Pandora Radio, listeners are able to choose exactly what song they want to listen to. Spotify does recommend songs that it thinks you might like based off your taste in music.
One of the main perks to smartphones is the amazing, high-quality cameras. There are multiple applications that further enhance your camera, but Camera+ has earned a reputation as being one of the greatest. Users can edit their photos to their heart’s content through the use of several tools and filters and share their pictures on social media.
If you’re a die-hard sports fan that can’t go 10 minutes without mentioning the World Cup, the ESPN SportsCenter app is your new best friend. Users can check scores, read the latest sports stories, and access stats instantly. For once, you don’t have to be in front of a TV to know if your favorite team is winning.
Various applications have made our lives easier. We can check on friends, catch up on breaking news, take professional photographs, and so much more. There are always apps that cater to any need, whether big or small. Most of these applications are free except for Camera+ which is $1.99.

Allison Tate is a rising freshman at Alamance Community College and a Teens & Twenties writer.

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