YouTube channel focuses on kids doing good deeds

Izzy Kress' YouTube channel, "Izzpossible," is a way to encourage young people to do good deeds. / Hollyann Gardner, Times-News correspondent

By Hollyann Gardner
Times-News correspondent

   While many girls are making YouTube channels about makeup, fashion and comedy, 10-year-old Izzy Kress wants to do something a little different.
“My parents had said that when I turned 10, I could get my own channel,” Izzy explained. “My mom and I started talking about it, and she suggested I do something positive that would inspire people. I said, ‘How about showing kids doing good things and having fun, too?’ ” Izzy is the daughter of Lance and Tami Kress of Burlington.
Izzy’s YouTube channel, dubbed “Izzpossible,” began March 9 and it features videos of Izzy and her friends and family doing different things to help out the local community. This includes cleaning out a closet in order to find clothes to donate to Hospice, performing a skit with sock puppets to spread word about the need of socks in the homeless community, and Izzy’s personal favorite project, interviewing Izzy’s friend Isla about her life with cystic fibrosis in order to raise awareness for This Race Blows.
“Kids need to know that they can make a difference and make things better in their communities and in the world,” Izzy said. “Understanding that can make kids feel better about themselves, and that is sometimes a difficult thing.”
Izzy knew she wanted to make a YouTube channel even at the early age of 7.
“I played Minecraft a lot and started watching Stampycat on YouTube. This is what started me watching all kinds of YouTubers,” she says. In addition to Stampycat, Izzy’s YouTube inspirations include Sqaishey, Gizzy, the Bratayleys and Seven Super Girls.
Interested in making a YouTube channel of your own? Izzy’s advice is to “be creative and know that it is a time commitment!”
If YouTube-ing isn’t your thing, you can still help out in your local community.
“Just do it,” Izzy encouraged. “There is so much out there. I really had no idea until I started how many things kids can do to really make difference.”
This is the main message Izzy wants to communicate to her fans and viewers. “I hope I can encourage all kinds of people to make a difference,” she says. “It doesn’t have to be big things. It can be small things. But helping one person can change the life of that one person!”
Izzy also has plans for the future – she hopes to do something with veterans or help kids in the foster program.
“Many people are very negative about how much time kids spend being plugged in,” Izzy said. “I am hoping that I can use that part of our generation to be a positive thing for kids and their communities.”
You can subscribe to Izzy’s channel by visiting and searching “Izzpossible.” You can also find Izzy on Twitter, Instagram and, all under the username @izzpossible.

Hollyann Gardner is a freshman homeschooler and Teens & 20s writer.

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