You’ve never seen improv quite like this

Seth Lemoreaux as Scaramouche and Michele Metzger as Columbine perform a scene from Studio 1's production of "Cinderella with the Commedia Players." Scott Muthersbaugh, Times-News

Commentary by Cassie Berry
Times-News correspondent

Studio 1’s “Cinderella with the Commedia Players” takes comedy improvisation to a whole new level.
Commedia-style began in Italy in the 16th century. Elizabeth Matthews’ character, Isabella, plays Princess Dim. She is the sister to the prince, who is simply called The Prince. With people playing characters who play other characters, the show would seem to be a “play within a play.”
Matthews said that her “experience is great. Wayne (Leonard) is one of my favorite directors and he has chosen a great cast for the show. I get along very well with my fellow cast members and I’m proud to be in this show.” She also said that her favorite part of the show is “at the ball when the Prince tries to find his bride.”
“Cinderella with the Commedia Players” has everything from French baguette fights to funny slaps and rivalries between the characters in the show. Studio 1 has put together a wonderful show that can make anyone giggle.
Leonard has done a marvelous job with the show and his cast of characters says so for themselves. Given that the cast has only been rehearsing since the beginning of January, the show is really coming along smoothly.
“We have definitely made many friendships and inside jokes and it’s only been a few weeks,” Matthews said. Theater can create long-lasting friendships for the people performing both on and off-stage.
It’s rated G for all ages, bring your family to see a show with lots of laughter and a talented cast.

 Cassie Berry is a junior at Hawbridge Charter School
and a Teens & Twenties writer.


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